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Maybe all these little fantasies come crashing into my brain.

And I don't want them, but I can't sweep them out.

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Birthdate:Feb 9
Location:Florida, United States of America

My name is RACHEL, with just an "el" and not "ael." I have been working as a veterinary technician for over four years now and enjoy the work immensely. I am married to [info]hjungle, the most wonderful person in the world. I feel so incredibly lucky to have found him and still can't quite figure out what it is he sees in me. We just had our first child on August 23, 2010. Being a parent is a learning experience and can be stressful for sure, but I wouldn't give our little boy up for anything. Before I became pregnant, I was pursuing a degree in radiologic technology. Those plans are currently on hold, but I plan to pick up where I left on when life permits.

I have had this lj since February 2001 and while I don't update nearly as often as I used to and would like (partly due to my schedule, partly due to laziness), I still try to read my friends page daily. I met my bestest friend in the entire world, my Twinniness, [info]eurii, on here in 2001 and there's been no going back since for the two of us. We've had our rough times (ha, understatement), but we've always pulled through and I know we always will. <3

I should probably mention that the majority of my entries are friends locked. There are various reasons why, but none of them are exciting like I'm secretly a superhero or something. Usually its just me talking about the people in my life and respecting the fact that maybe they don't want things written about them and posted over the web for the world to see.

Anyways, I'm a terrible babbler and horrible at writing these things, so its time to end it. Have a happy period...always!

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My best friend is better than yours, so stick that in your juice box and suck it.
-no clue, but it is very true for me. :)

"And when I'd lost hope and my dream had ended...I realized I had friends who believed in me."
-Nico Robin, One Piece

I don't look like her, but I am glad as hell I am who I am.
-Olivia Lufkin

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